Pixovi Movie Network has made a brief list of tips to insure your movie viewing experience is just as incredibe as the content.

  1. Our first suggestion is to visit www.speedtest.net and test your computers upload/download speeds. The test will give you an overall score as to how your computer is performig when determining download/upload speeds. The site will alo provide several tools and soltions to improve your computers speed.
  2. Prior to watching a movie make sure that all other browser windows are closed, including Microsoft Outlook or any comparable programs.
  3. Pixovi Movie Network will work on any browser, but we have found that viewing moies using Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox produces the best results.

The recommended Internet Bandwidth requirements:

1. For broadcasting LIVE

  • 500kbit constant upstream for medium quality broadcast.
  • 1mbit constant upstream for high quality broadcast.

2. For viewing the live broadcast

  • 500kbit/1mbit constant downstream for viewing live broadcast.

3. Broadcaster streaming rates

Setting: Resolution, Frame Rat, Bitrate

  • Low: 160x120, 18fps, 200kbps
  • Med: 320x240, 30 fps, 350 kbps
  • High: 640x480, 30 fps, 600 kbps


Please note that these values apply when user is connected to the USA server.

So if you do a bandwidth test from South Africa, user must check his internet upstream and downstream in connection to an USA server for accurate data.


Bellow we will detail how to check bandwidth in connection to USA server. 

Go to speedtest.net website and click on the setings button:


1. Click here to open the speed test settings.


The settings panel will open and you will need to select a server located in USA - in the image we have selected the Dallas server:


1. From this drop-down menu you will need to select a server located in USA - we have selected the New York server.

2. Click here to save the settings.


Now you will need to click on Begin Test button to start testing your internet speed.



When you move your mouse over the Begin Test button, the server we just selected will be listed:


This way you can make sure that you are testing the internet speed to the right server.


When the speed test is over you will view the results:


1. Here you can view your download speed.

2. Here you can view your upload speed.


Note: is recommended to close any programs that you have running which may be connecting to the internet