by PMN on 11 July, 2014

Oscar Atticus is a dreamer, and his love for turning his dreams into reality is only outweighed by the love has for his wife and young son. The story of Oscar Atticus is one of great achievement, incredible bravery and devastating loss. It is a story that is hard to find a precise beginning and there may in fact be no end. Oscar's journey will be told using every modern storytelling device we as humans on earth, can get our hands on. The story of Oscar Atticus is not a movie, it's not series or show, it's not a book, a fable nor  is an experience.

This November, Oscar's story will unfold before our very eyes. And we, as the audience of this tale, will have the opportunity to follow his journey. We will stand with him in his achievements, tremble with him at times when it feels we have made the wrong decision, be lost, confused, dazed and happy, but also feel the tremendous pain our hero and friend feels, as life on this planet sends a reminder that nothing is in our control.

Pixovi Movie Network is proud to present, in association with InMoPic Entertainment, the experience of Oscar Atticus...coming to screens of all sizes this Holiday season.

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