by PMN on 11 July, 2014








HOBO: The Legion of Travelers, the Pixovi Original Series, is currently in production on Chapter 1. Last summer a teaser trailer was released following a leaked version of the proof-of-concept, which was approximately 30 minutes long and showcased the tone and feel that the producers are intending for the final product. A definite release date has not been set, but in an interview, producer Devin Halden did elude to the plan of delivering multiple chapters at once through Pixovi Movie Network, similar to the model Netflix used for many of their original productions.

HOBO follows the journey of the hero and main character, Hobo Habeaux, after he loses a key that his missing father told him to keep safe no matter what the danger, or temptation. However, a beautiful woman tricks Hobo and steals the key, which sets in motion Hobo's adventurous quest to retrieve it. With the help of his father's Legion of Travelers, Hobo sets out on his mission, one that spans beyond the world we know here on earth, and into other worlds entirely.

HOBO marks the first Pixovi Original series to be produced and delivered over the network.

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